"Bad to the bone, baby. This is one professionally run operation from the ground crew, to the pilots, to the owners. This is craziness. To kill that many hogs and that many coyotes in that short of time, helping these landowners save their crops and land. It makes everything worthwhile and I love what I do."

- Brian "Pigman" Quaca (Pigman: The Series)

"It should be illegal not to do this. We're saving family farms, we're saving family ranches, we're saving the environment, we're saving wildlife, we're saving the farmers and taxpayers dollar. The experiment in self government was radical, going to Concord Bridge and shooting the kings men was a little extreme, but it was also perfect like shooting pigs from a helicopter."

- Ted Nugent (Spirit Of The Wild)

"Craig, Terrell and their crew put us over the pigs as promised and we had a BLAST! Four of us killed 61 hogs in 4 hours. By far and away the most fun I've ever had!"

-John Lowe, The Gun Lab

"I've been on unbelievable hunts all around the world, but nothing can compare to Heli-Hunter. If you are looking for the experiencee of a lifetiime, you absolutely have to do this hunt."

-Jeff Thomason, Predator Pursuit

"Friggin' AWESOME.  Enough said."

- Chuck Raleigh