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From Our Hunters and Fans

"Bad to the bone, baby. This is one professionally run operation from the ground crew, to the pilots, to the owners. This is craziness. To kill that many hogs and that many coyotes in that short of time, helping these landowners save their crops and land. It makes everything worthwhile and I love what I do."

- Brian "Pigman" Quaca (Pigman: The Series)

"It should be illegal not to do this. We're saving family farms, we're saving family ranches, we're saving the environment, we're saving wildlife, we're saving the farmers and taxpayers dollar. The experiment in self government was radical, going to Concord Bridge and shooting the kings men was a little extreme, but it was also perfect like shooting pigs from a helicopter."

- Ted Nugent (Spirit Of The Wild)

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First-of-its-Kind Series Takes Feral Hog Fight to the Air: “Heli-Hunter” Debuts Exclusively on Sportsman Channel: June 1st at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT

NEW BERLIN, WI (May XX, 2014) DRAFT – Feral hog populations have been exploding in the battleground state of Texas causing billions of dollars in damage over the last couple of decades. Now, Texans have a new plan– and this plan involves helicopters. Take to the air with this first-of-its-kind new reality series Heli-Hunter on Sportsman Channel Sunday, June 1 at 8:30 p.m. ET. Patrol Texas farms and ranches with owner/operators Craig Meier and Terrell Coleman, on their day-to-day grind of aerial hog eradication. Watch a sneak peek of the series here: (NEED LINK) !

Unfortunately, the hog population has grown tremendously in Texas to a now estimated five million feral hogs. Recent studies show that seven out of 10 feral hogs must be eradicated in order to maintain the current population. Realizing that traditional hunting methods will never be enough to keep up with the growth in population, Craig and Terrell decided to take a more extreme approach. Aerial hog eradication is proven and has become the most effective form of population control. By flushing the feral hogs out of the brush and into nearby fields, Heli-Hunter is able to eradicate thousands of pigs each year.

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