faq-fusionIs there an age limit?
We require our shooters to be at least 16 years of age for safety. Shooters under the age of 18 must fly with a member of Heli Hunter staff.

Is there a weight limit?
For safety, there is a 300 pound per seat limit. We also have a 475 pound combination limit for both shooters which is not negotiable and will be verified during the safety briefing prior to your hunt. Shooters close to the weight limit may be required to fly solo.

Do you hunt all year?
Although there is not a season for feral pigs, we only hunt mid-January through mid-March, before the foliage returns to the trees and when temperatures are best for technical aerial maneuvers.

faq-officeHow many hogs can I expect to shoot?
We average around 15-25 hogs in a 2 hour flight. We have plenty of pigs and a lot of land, but results can vary depending on weather, wildlife movement, and good ole luck.

Are you insured?
Yes, we have $1 million in liability coverage through Leading Edge Aviation Insurance.

Do you provide the ammo?
Yes, we provide plenty of 00 buckshot for your hunt and there is no limit on your ammunition so don't be afraid to let the lead fly.

faq-lodgeAm I required to have a hunting license?
Yes, you will be required to show your valid Texas hunting license. Out of state hunters can obtain a five day non-resident temporary hunting permit (#157) by vising a Walmart en route to your hunt or by clicking here.

Can we shoot our own guns?
Our agreement with most of the landowners we hunt for is that we will use shotguns. In our experience they are much more effective, efficient, and alleviate liability from a chance of ricochet. We do have some land where we can shoot rifles, but your hunting ground will be limited. If you want to shoot your rifle from the heli, we have an aerial target range.

What type of gun will we use?
We use the Tac-12 A1 tactical shotgun by Firebird Precision. It is a high end AR-15 style semi-automatic magazine fed 12 gauge shotgun. You will be supplied several 10rd magazines, and plenty of shells.

faq-gunCan we hunt our own property?
Yes, we generally offer a discount to people that have their own land. Depending on your location and acreage we may have a ferrying fee, but we love to travel and hunt all over Texas. Eliminating pigs from your own land is a great experience, and you get more bang for your buck (literally).

What happens in the event of bad weather?
For safety, we do not fly when winds exceed 20 kts, during dangerous lightning, or freezing precipitation. We constantly monitor the forecasts and make decisions regarding postponements 1-2 days before your flight with us. In the event of a postponement, we will adjust your flight time, reschedule, or give you a refund on your deposit.

How much notice do you require to book a hunt?
Although we don't have a set requirement, our policy is first come, first serve. We are now booking for the 2020 season on a first come, first serve basis. Reservations do book quickly – so book early!

What should I wear?
Our winter can be warm or freezing, and we will be watching the weather to make recommendations. Bulky clothing combined with the safety harnesses can greatly restrict movement and be cumbersome in the helicopter, so it is best to dress in layers. Welcome to Texas…and to Texas weather! Don’t like it? Just wait 15 minutes!

How large of a group can hunt?
We can accommodate up to ten, but recommend parties of 4 to 6. We can land in fields and switch shooters just about any time.

What type of helicopter do you use?
We hunt out of a Robinson R-44 Raven II. We feel that the R-44 is safer, and more stable than the R-22 because of it's higher usable payload. Due to it's low operating cost, great flight characteristics, and incredible safety record, the Robinson R-44 is one the most popular helicopters in the world.